Our Services

Diagnostic of your documents

  • an analysis of 50 criteria focused on the strengths and weaknesses of your documents;
  • our recommendations on the performance gains you will make by implementing our changes;
  • the sample result “before” and “after” of our intervention.

Tailor-made writing

  • Adapt and optimize your documents;
  • Create business templates.

Tailor-made training

  • Organize ideas and topics to promote understanding;
  • Equip effectively to present key information;
  • Carry the message to meet the users’ needs.

Organizational Revitalization

  • Clarify challenges,and concerns;
  • Improve the dissemination of information internally;
  • Shorten the process of conducting business.

Popscom   Methodology

Our methodology can help you:

  • reduce writing time up to 50%;
  • reduce the number of words by up to 40%;
  • communicate only the essentials;
  • make your documents easier to read and to understand; and
  • lead your readers take the right action.

Derived from the lean philosophy

Test the Popscom Methodology

Two minutes is all it takes to see the results!