Tailor-made training

This is our preferred option and the service we recommend the most to our customers. Rather than doing for you, we teach your staff to use our model. With the acquisition of these new skills, the knowledge and expertise of your staff will always be reusable. Our methodology makes the task of drafting much simpler and faster, thanks to the information structure and organization.

Benefits of Popscom training

Our methodology will allow you to:

  • develop structured cues for writing;
  • eliminate misunderstanding;
  • reduce human errors.

Types of Popscom training

This table will guide you in determining the training required for your needs. What type of content do you write?

According to our experience, if you write… then you should follow this Popscom training…
  • e-mails;
  • essentially the same kind of documents.
half-day (½)
  • e-mails;
  • routine and varied documents such as (minutes, websites, short reports and procedures).
one day
  • Impactful documents such as (policy, directive, reference manual, health and safety manual, best practices, long report, study, service offer, business plan).
2 days

Training includes:

  • Free coaching (1hr) Revise participants’ documents after the training.
  • Lunch is on us! Discussions between participants at our expense. (for 1 and 2-day training).
  • The bilingual toolbar ReadabarTM (free for all participants)
  • ReadabarTM easily integrates with Microsoft Word.
  • Quickly create your documents with ReadabarTM with the click of a button! One icon can replace between 3 to 10 operations in Word.


Group pricing may apply. Here is the cost per participant (minimum 6 participants) for each course:

  • ½ day, $300
  • 1 day, $500
  • 2 days, $900

60% of training time is dedicated to exercises and learning to write your documents using Readabar™.

Need tailor-made training?

Contact us to discuss your specific project.