A diagnostic of your documents

Popscom offers a detailed assessment of the quality and efficiency of your documents through its lens. This includes:

  • an analysis of 50 criteria focused on the strengths and weaknesses of your documents;
  • our recommendations on the performance gains you will make by implementing our changes;
  • the sample result “before” and “after” of our intervention.

Few organizations assess the effectiveness of their written content. Yet this is a great way to quickly identify, at low cost, where and how your business can:

  • reduce human error;
  • improve the performance of your employees;
  • make your texts motivating;
  • maximize the performance of your electronic solutions.

Immediate benefits

With our detailed diagnosis, you will:

  • know where to focus your efforts;
  • reduce additional requests for clarification;
  • project an image of effectiveness.

You want to stand out?

Want to stand out? Contact us for more information on our methodology.

Our bilingual diagnostic services are available starting at $435. This amount will be credited against future training or consulting services.