“I had consultations with Michel. My written communications were, in my opinion, very good. However, he was able to provide me with advice on how to improve them and make them more effective. The use of grids to communicate information helped a lot and decreased the number of questions I received by about 40%.

I highly recommend working with Michel!”

Simon Harvey


“I asked M. Dupont to work on a text.
My text was quite dense and not at all “point form”.

M. Dupont has transformed it into an easy to read text, very well aligned and in a very professional format.”

Gilles Delisle

Human Capital Assessment, Rogil

“I attended a presentation by Michel to write emails and make them more effective.

I applied his advice the same day. Since then, I have greatly improved my efficiency and productivity on a daily basis.”

Claudine Larivière

Public Speaker, Human Productivity, Strategist, Dietitian

“POPSCOM did a drafting mandate. Their sense of analysis and their focus on the key points of the mandate were really appreciated. MFG Technologies was highly satisfied with the result. We highly recommend POPSCOM.”
Alain Normand

Propriétaire et président, MFG Technologies

“I had the opportunity to hear Michel during two evenings. The tips and tricks that Michel presented to us were most relevant. I recommend Michel for the creation of your documents. Michel accomplishes more with less …”
Léo Drolet

Réseau L’Entremetteur

“I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Michel at a networking event. He raised my interest. I wanted to produce a “one pager” with the objective of guiding the targeted people in case of emergency.

Michel created the desired “wow” and catchy effect. The document became much more pleasing to the eye and easier to decipher. It added value. Our customers felt supported in their reality. The number of calls from our customers drastically dropped. I recommend Michel Dupont without hesitation. Congratulations and thank you for your precious collaboration!”

Isabelle Charbonneau

Directrice des comptes, HUB International

“I subcontracted Michel for a written communication full-day workshop. Michel is a true efficiency writing professional. His Popscom methodology:

  • minimizes back and forth emails to clarify expectations;
  • saves time;
  • and as a bonusincreases the motivation of your recipients to read your communications.

Everyone, including you, will be delighted with the increased productivity and the fluidity of your written exchanges. Hiring Michel to teach you the Popscom methodology is an excellent Return On Investment.”

Julie Blais Comeau

Chief Etiquette Officer